Click the link below to view our student handbook which explains our mission for the students. It also has rules that we expect our students to abide by.

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Here at Focus we believe in a holistic approach to education. It is our mission to create active and productive members of society. 

Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.


Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our students’ learning. 


We strive to challenge our students in multiple areas of academics including Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, Arabic Language, Technology, Physical Education, and English for ESL students.

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