Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Emergency Information

The Principal is authorized by the Board to close the school in case of severe weather. The Principal will notify local news media when inclement weather warrants such action.  Local and regional radio and television stations broadcast the information regularly. Representatives of the Superintendent’s staff will also send out an email, text message, or school reach message.


Decision to Close Schools

A decision to close school is made when forecasts by the weather service and civil defense officials indicate that it would be unwise for students to go to school. The Principal will make periodic assessments of conditions during the night and will decide early in the morning (by 6 a.m. if possible). In any case, an announcement will be made through the automated calling system (and/or email) and to the news media when school will be closed.


After School Starts

Every attempt will be made to avoid closing school once classes are in session. In some instances closing school during the day is inevitable if children are to safely return home before the brunt of a major storm hits. In these cases as much advance notice as possible will be given. Teachers will be responsible for remaining with students until all students have safely left school or the administration has made arrangements for remaining students.


Emergency Conditions

FLANC has a signal which, when activated, includes the necessity to either evacuate the building or to move to safer areas of the building. All regular drills are held as required by law through the school year. In the event of an emergency exit alert or tornado warning, you should implement the school’s established safety procedures