Math Instruction

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.  -Albert Einstein

If reading is the foundation of education then mathematics is the frame. Here at Focus we understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life. We understand that some students can be intimidate by mathematics, however we positively push and encourage them to break past this and learn to love math. All math instruction is Common Core and grade level based.


At Focus Learning Academy of Northern Columbus, we always aim to help our students master the grade-level content in math and close the academic achievement gap. We also believe that integrating the personalized digital learning with the curriculum plays a significant role in helping our students learn the precise math content they need to master. Therefore, we decided to use Zearn Math.

Zearn Math is a program and a curriculum that has transformed the math pedagogy in our school by combining daily small group instruction with personalized digital lessons. In Zearn Math, students learn new math concepts digitally on their own pace and teachers provide differentiated small group instructions to meet the needs of every learner. Zearn Math allows the advanced students to keep progressing to higher-level math concepts and provides the students who are struggling with immediate remediation to ensure mastering the math concept they need to learn.

According to the NWEA MAP Test, our students have gained 1.00 to 1.9 years of growth on average in math within just one year of implementing Zearn Math at our school. Also, the number of students who are proficient in math remarkably increased and reached 60.57%. Our students didn't only experience academic growth, but they have also become problem solvers who can meet the twenty-first-century challenges and apply what they have learned to real-world applications.

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